Device Scheme

We support young people from under-represented backgrounds, with the tools they need

At TECHTEE we have been helping students from under-represented backgrounds, focused on digital & creative disciplines, with laptops and other devices that they cannot otherwise afford

TECHTEE device scheme
We unintentionally began the device scheme when one of our clients asked if we knew of anyone in need of a couple of laptops, which resulted in us gifting two software engineering students two brand new laptops.
Determined to do the same thing as the year prior, we received 8 laptops from our partners in 2019 that we gave to students attending the University of Birmingham, University of Manchester, and Imperial College London.
The pandemic affected everyone in many different ways, and because of that, unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to run the device scheme in 2020.
We've ended 2021 with a bang providing 209 laptops to students studying across a range of disciplines, including digital marketing, AR, UX, and many more.

We want to thank each and every one of our partners, and the individuals, who contribute to making this scheme happen

If you would like to learn more about how you can contribute towards the scheme, please email us at:

TECHTEE device scheme
TECHTEE device scheme
TECHTEE device scheme
TECHTEE device scheme

Providing young students with equipment that aid them in helping to shape the future of the technology that we love, is the reason we aim to continue running the TECHTEE Device Scheme to become bigger and better for every new year.

Keep your eyes peeled here for new announcements from the scheme.