We are creative technologists delivering integrated, customer-first experiences

How we do it

Our multidisciplinary approach gives us the toolkit, ability, and vision to take any digital consumer experience from idea to launch


Decades of industry experiences across multiple digital verticals, supported by software developers and designers, allows us to think beyond limitations and provide outstanding 360° solutions

User Experience

We take an inclusive approach to our user experience research and design, investigating every element of target users to produce effective UX solutions


Without design, there is no development. From graphic to user interface and motion design, our design teams are the beginning of where creative ideas are materialised and the boundaries of design propelled


Our full-stack software development teams comprise of creative technologists with limitless development experience, who transform designs into exceptional web and mobile software platforms

Our Commitments

As the next generation of digital service providers, we are dedicated to sitting across these four commitments


Accessibility & Inclusivity

Accessible design isn’t just good design, it’s inclusive and reaches wider audiences



The efficient design keeps costs and times down and creates less waste


Well Connected

Our global teams are agile, always online, and flexible with any platform or location



Good design that impacts the environment as little as possible

TECHTEE office

Founded in 2017, by a lead software developer, TECHTEE has become one of the fastest-rising digital service providers, partnering with other rising stars and established names within the industry

A few results

Our creative and efficient processes lead to amazing results


We have helped our client generate over £350 million directly through the digital platforms we have designed and built.


Software is at the centre of what we do, we’ve equipped ourselves with the skills required across 54 software languages and tools such as PHP, React.js, Tableau, Jira and many more.


Our team of creative technologists is what makes TECHTEE so special. Collectively we hold over 217 years of experience within digital and software that we are proud to share with our clients.